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Hi, I’m Kris

I’m an experienced and proven EOS Integrator who specialises in working with owner-managed businesses of less than 30 people who need help to structure and scale their businesses whilst freeing their own time and energy.

My background in operations management and aptitude for creating structure and order makes me a natural Integrator type.

Why work with me?

I have both self-implemented EOS and worked alongside a expert EOS Implementor.

Self implementation gave me first hand experience of the pros and cons of implementing EOS and I’m proud to say I made plenty of mistakes and learnt the lessons so you don’t have to.

Working with an expert EOS Implementer further enhanced my understanding of the model and sharpened my knowledge of how to deploy it.

The main benefit of working with me is that having been in the trenches, I have invaluable hands on experience of running businesses using EOS and not just an academic understanding of the high-level systems and processes. I have practical experience how the system can both enable and hinder growth, when to bend the rule and when discipline is needed.

Xyrs as EOS integrator

Self-implemented and with EOS Implementor

Hands on been there done it experience of EOS – not just high level systems and processes

Operations background

Agency background

Exposed to loads of difference SME’s via agency experience

Fast growth

Made lots and lots of mistakes and learnt the lessons so you don’t have to


Working in an agency you are exposed to 100’s of different businesses all with similar challenges. Often we would be briefed with a sales and marketing plan that the leadership team believed would deliver for the business, but more often than not I found that businesses would struggle to get the results they needed not because the marketing strategy or campaign plan was poor but because there were often more systemic issues in how the business operated.

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